Sharing Ukrainian Spirit in Canada's Festival City

Ukrainian culture has enriched Alberta’s and Canada’s landscape since the first immigrants from Ukraine arrived in the 1880s. We want to celebrate and share this rich culture with our community!

Our vision is to offer the largest celebration of Ukrainian spirit in Alberta – showcasing the best of Ukrainian arts and culture thereby, strengthening the multicultural fabric of this province and of Canada.

UFest Edmonton Ukrainian Festival is a celebration of Ukrainian culture, food, music, visual arts, crafts and dance. This two-day event brings together people of Ukrainian heritage, as well as attracts audiences of many diverse cultures.

This free festival, set in a beautiful city park, features two stages with ongoing musical and dance performers, beer gardens, Ukrainian food vendors, arts, crafts and merchandise vendors, displays, buskers, a coffee tent and more!

The festival program showcases an enormous spectrum of talent, from those at developmental levels to professional performers. It will provide an opportunity for Alberta-based artistic schools and school groups to perform before large audiences and gain much-needed experience.

Our primary goal is to share the richness of Ukrainian culture with all Edmontonians, Albertans, and Canadians to strengthen our common interests and continue to build lasting relationships that recognize the value of the diversity that Canada offers and from which all of its citizens benefit.

Edmonton Ukrainian Festival Society Board of Directors

President: Christine Teterenko
Vice President: Daria Luciw
Treasurer: Ann Slevinsky
Secretary: Vera Pastuszenko
Director: Steven Chwok
Director: Timish Horbay
Director: Olesia Markevych
Director: Monica Palahniuk

UFest Organizing Committees


  • Tatiana Makowsky – Co-Chair
  • Roman Soltykevych – Co-Chair
  • Semen Kostiuk
  • Boris Luciw
  • Boris Radyo


  • Steven Chwok – Chair
  • Lukys Chwok
  • Paul Begoray
  • Roman Hladyshevsky
  • Slavko Nohas
  • Monica Palahniuk


  • Ann Slevinsky – Co-Chair
  • Iryna Laschuk – Co-Chair
  • Alex Schabel

Fundraising,  Grants & Sponsorships

  • Daria Luciw – Chair
    Kava Kafe
  • Marian Gauk – Chair
    Kozak Kids Zone
  • Orest Hrynkiw – Chair
  • Catherine Klopoushak
  • Olivia Pyniansky

Marketing and Communications

  • Stephan Bociurkiw – Co-Chair
  • Andriy Tovstiuk – Co-Chair
  • Roman Baluchynskij
  • Karen Graves
  • Shannon Petruk

Malanka in the Mountains

  • Adrian Warchola – Chair


  • Christine Teterenko – Chair
  • Markian Feculak
  • Timish Horbay
  • Sophia Ovcharenko
  • Cliff Sosnsowski
  • Ruslan Tracz

Special Attractions

  • Alex Chubocha – Chair
  • Lida Fialka


  • Vera Pastuszenko – Chair
  • Oriana Kolonsky
  • Wendy Kolonsky


  • Olesia Markevych – Chair
  • Christina Baron
  • Kristen Blades
  • Kathy Sosnowski

Workshops & Demonstrations

  • Maria Stadnyk – Chair
  • Melissa Hladyshevsky
  • Tatiana Martschenko