KARAR Performing Arts

The KaRAR Performing Arts Studio, based in Stony Plain, Alberta, was established in 2009, initially offering a diverse range of dance and production classes for dancers of all ages, from preschool to adult. Over time, their Ukrainian Dance Program has expanded to serve Stony Plain and neighboring communities.

These talented dancers have showcased their love and commitment to Ukrainian dance and culture through performances at various festivals and competitions across Alberta and Saskatchewan, alongside local community shows in Stony Plain.

Their dedication has earned them numerous performance achievements and awards throughout the years. Under the direction of choreographer Kasya Jaddock, the dancers will showcase a variety of regional styles, characterized by intricate footwork and vibrant costumes adorned with traditional embroidery. Join us as the KaRAR Performing Arts Ukrainian Dancers bring the lively spirit of Ukrainian culture to the stage

11:14 am Main Stage

Saturday May 25

Ukrainian Dance Performance