Yevheniia Gontar

Yevheniia Gontar is a Ukrainian live singer currently residing in Drumheller, Canada, alongside her wonderful husband and their almost two-year-old daughter, Shannon. Throughout her life, Yevheniia has harbored a deep passion for music and singing, a sentiment that was cultivated in her upbringing in the charming Ukrainian village of Vyschyi Bulatets in the Poltava region, where she was surrounded by a family deeply rooted in song and artistic expression.

Although Yevheniia graduated from a music school with a focus on vocal training, there were moments in her life where pursuing her passion further seemed out of reach, despite her fervent desire to do so. However, she ultimately realized that music and singing were not just hobbies but integral aspects of her identity, prompting her to continue her journey in the world of music.

Driven by her lifelong dream, Yevheniia has embraced her calling as a singer, finding fulfillment in sharing her talents with audiences. She thrives on the energy of live performances, relishing the opportunity to bring joy to others through her music.

As she embarks on her journey as a singer in Canada, Yevheniia specializes in performing covers of famous artists, particularly focusing on calm, soulful, and chilled love songs. Her repertoire also includes a significant selection of Ukrainian folk music, a genre she holds a deep affection for.

Yevheniia sees events like UFest as invaluable opportunities to not only showcase her talent but also to connect with new people and support her cultural heritage. With each performance, she aims to spread happiness and inspiration while fulfilling her childhood dream of pursuing a career in music.


5:15 pm Band Stage

Friday May 24

Ukrainian Vocal Performance