Verkhovyna Ukrainian Choir

Edmonton, Alberta

The Verkhovyna Choir was formed in 1959, as a female vocal group. Under the direction of Mr. M. Sochaniwsky, their first conductor, the choir made their first public appearance on April 24, 1960. The choir remained a female entity until 1976, when its membership was expanded to include male voices.

The Verkhovyna Choir specializes in interpreting the traditional song and dance of the Ukrainian people. On the Edmonton Ukrainian cultural landscape, choral singing boasts a proud and accomplished tradition, and Verkhovyna has always been driven to consistently widen its repertoire while improving each member's singing technique. Verkhovyna has grown to produce dramatic renditions of traditional, ancestral and folkloric themes, as well as introducing interpretive works that depict the contemporary realities of an independent Ukraine.

Today, the Verkhovyna Choir consists of more than twenty five dedicated individuals under the direction of Namisha Greening, who thrive as a group that is always warmly received at various community celebrations, receptions, banquets, multicultural showcases, and their many self-produced full-length shows. This year Verkhovyna Choir celebrates its 65th Anniversary.

12:12 pm Main Stage

Saturday May 25

Ukrainian Choral Performance